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Zoom Udalah~ klo lg bete gni emg hacep banget ngehedon di kedai pojok nyemil roti bakar Nutella Marshmallow Oreo plus minum green tea.. with Rafi at The Kedai Pojok – View on Path.

Udalah~ klo lg bete gni emg hacep banget ngehedon di kedai pojok nyemil roti bakar Nutella Marshmallow Oreo plus minum green tea.. with Rafi at The Kedai Pojok – View on Path.

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NIM : I34110152

Hi guys and girls, we meet again in a second task. in this moment, i will share to you about costumize your computer or your laptop. it is so simple and easy to be learned. we will learn about how to customize your mouse, keyboard, sound and others. maybe you are bored with standard  customize this post will answer your question, and you can fool your friend lol.

so…… let’s start !!

  1. open your “system preference” to customize your laptop

      2. oke, let’s start from customize the trackpad. it is used for tap or move or click on of your file. you can customize with your finger to be easier used with checklist the box.

        3.  after playing with trackpad let’s go to play with the keyboard. yeayy!! in here, you can customize the keyboard how fast or slow repeat the key. move to slow if you won’t fast and fast if you hate slow.

       4. let’s turn to mouse ! hahaha.. it is so easier to do, just plug in your mouse USB to laptop and will connected automatically. if you have apple mouse, turn on your mouse and connect to laptop. does it simple, isn’t it?

       5. oke the last, huuhuu sound :) i bet that you all guys and girl love to listening to music, we can expression with sings the song and you hate when the sounds quality is bad. so, in here you customize the voice to up or down the sounds or give the sound effect. moreover, you can check your sound quality in order to know how good it is.

yeayyy!!! our laptop has already customized.. i bet that a few people doesn’t know to use mac. and that people will driving so crazy if you customize it. hahaha.. it;s okay guys and guls the most important that knowing your laptop and you will feel comfort with the customized.

yap, really thanks from me. i hope that student blog can be used again. :)) 

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Hallo guys and girls introduce my self as Chinthia Baja Hitam. Okay my KTP’s name Chinthia you guys can call me sins or anything you like. at this time, i will tell you about tutorial getting started your wordpress. honestly this post as a task by Penerapan Komputer’s subject at my collage.

let’s start!!!!!

  1.  first time that you must do is go to
  2. after that, click log in at right side.
  3. taraaaaa.. this is it.. your dashboard interface. you can see a post, media, link, and others there. At dashboard you can edit your profile anything you like

  4. click POST, if you want tou post somesthing. like your idea, you opinion, or maybe your task like me.. and you can edit your post that it has already posted. click post that edit postdon’t forget to click publish after you write post or edit post.
  5. yap! your wordpress already done. click your name blog at left side to see your fresh blog. if you bored with the theme, you can search at google with keywoard “wordpress theme” you will find so many cool theme.

olrait guys and girls that is the tutorial getting started wordpress. i am sorry if the post so simple. because i got a little problem to access my student blog. thankyou from me. see you in another post 

by CHINTHIA_I34110152

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As not flat as my bangs

Apakah lo terlahir dengan sekian banyak ketidak sinkronan pada diri dan hidup lo? Hmm mungkin sedang gue alami.
Jadi, gue itu cantik ko. Cantik malah. Katanya itu juga ka-ta-nya!

Dengan sekian banyak anugerah yang tuhan berikan di tubuh lo, begitu banyak nikmatnya broh. Badan ramping, idung mancung, tapi ya bawah gue gak mancung ko, serius!

Gue merasa tidak mensyukuri nikmat-Nya broh. Lo liat, gue di umur segini gak ada pantes2nya di panggil kaka. Sekarang sh gue masuk smester 2 lagi gara2 kmren cuti. Kelakuan dan penampilan gue yaa gtusih. Kaos celana sepatu. Yang penting metal..

Oke, sepertinya gue harus ada perubahan hidup biar derajadnya lebih terangkat lagi. Gue memutuskan untuk pakai eye-liner. Oke udh pas tapi ya tapi tetep deh bgtu muka gue keliatan metal juga.
Okeoke, gue mau potong poni biar cute kaya temen2 cewe gue. Blaassttt poni rata 😏😏😏 mwuehheehe

Yaak semacam gagal move on, poni rata malah membuat wajah gue beringas. Congrats! 😂😂😂

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Zoom #instaword #sinsganesha #instagram #indonesia #sky #photograph

#instaword #sinsganesha #instagram #indonesia #sky #photograph

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Zoom #sinsganesha #pictoftheday #white #cat #yawn #laziness my cat name’s Chikoooo ❤

#sinsganesha #pictoftheday #white #cat #yawn #laziness my cat name’s Chikoooo ❤

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Zoom #sinsganesha #quoteoftheday #instagram

#sinsganesha #quoteoftheday #instagram

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Zoom KEEP CALL AND CHINTHIA ON THE WAY #sinsganesha  #iphonesia #pictoftheday #keepcall #cool #young #wild #free

KEEP CALL AND CHINTHIA ON THE WAY #sinsganesha #iphonesia #pictoftheday #keepcall #cool #young #wild #free

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Zoom #sinsganesha #cool #iphonesia #outfit #streetwear #topshop #petite #jacket

#sinsganesha #cool #iphonesia #outfit #streetwear #topshop #petite #jacket

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Zoom Your name in sundanese way @sinsbellamy #name #aksarasunda #aksara #sunda #sundanese

Your name in sundanese way @sinsbellamy #name #aksarasunda #aksara #sunda #sundanese

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Zoom #sinsganesha #mustache #monochrome #handsome #girl #boyish

#sinsganesha #mustache #monochrome #handsome #girl #boyish

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At Kedai Kita, Pizza Kayu Bakar, Bogor

At Kedai Kita, Pizza Kayu Bakar, Bogor – See on Path.

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